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Vinothek der Saar
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Project overview

The Saar is more than wine region it also is a living narrative, captured in the soils, vines, and slopes. Here, geographical and oenological history and present blend into some of the world's most renown wines in every drop. The Vinothek der Saar is a guardian of this heritage. It opens a gateway to this unique world of producers and their craft. Embracing a new era, the Vinothek undergoes a transformation as parents pass the torch to their son. This generational shift sparks a fresh and exciting chapter in Vinothek der Saar’s journey.


Our mission was to craft a dignified presence that exudes professionalism, aligning with the latest standards in wine retail while authentically conveying the soul of the Saar region.

Convey the DNA of wines from the Saar valley.


We aimed to create an immersive experience that brings the DNA of Saar’s winemaking through linking their premium wine portfolio with authentic narratives about the featured producers and personalities. Employing a carefully chosen color palette and a distinct design language, our approach reflects the rich heritage of Saar’s winemaking while adhering to contemporary standards.


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Flor de Sal Branding Packaging design

Personal Narratives with Authentic Wine Photography

Our visual approach is rooted in authenticity, with genuine shots taken during multiple small photo sessions at various wineries in the region. These images provide a window into the dedication and meticulous craftsmanship of the winemakers, fostering a connection between the audience and the genuine efforts behind the wines. This approach not only communicates professionalism but also ensures that the heart and soul of the winemaking in the Saar valley is tangible in every visual element.


Sales have surged with the enticing showcase of premium wine selections. Customer loyalty is on the rise, driven by engaging winemaker stories. The visually rich portrayal of the region's winemaking heritage has expanded market reach, marking a successful chapter in the Vinothek’s recent history.

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