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florine wine bar
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Project overview

Florine, the brainchild of the Bandzimiera brothers Krystian and Sebastian, and their friend Mimi, is an enchanting wine bar pop-up that bends boundaries of traditional culinary concepts with personalised experiences. Their shared philosophy revolves around the transformative potential of pleasure, with a particular focus on the unifying power of good wine and good food. Beyond being a mere establishment, Florine is a sanctuary where strangers evolve into acquaintances and acquaintances blossom into friends, all bound together by the shared joy of indulging in exquisite flavors.


Our revised challenge for Florine was to develop a concept that allows the pop-up to maintain a strong, distinct brand identity, elevated above various locations, while also integrating sufficiently with these locales to encourage cooperative partnerships. Additionally, the concept needed to generate significant attention and recognition, enabling Florine to stand out in a highly competitive market.

Something blooming in unusual places


Inspired by the name and the idea behind it, we aimed to design a unique brand that captures the spirit of blossoming. We crafted a visual identity that echoes its floral and evolving nature. The design centers around floral letters, prominently displayed in the brand’s colors. These typographies create an impactful impression of something blossoming and growing in places you do not expect them. Additionally, the imagery used throughout the brand’s visuals plays with the theme of flowers in unusual places. This approach not only emphasizes Florine’s unique concept of transformation and growth but also ensures that while the brand stands out, it still harmoniously blends with the individual character of each café or restaurant where it appears. This design strategy successfully embodies the essence of Florine.


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Flor de Sal Branding Packaging design

Florine’s Strategic Trio: Localizing, Publicizing and Socializing

For Florine’s intricate communication concept, we meticulously crafted a robust, three-pillared strategy, designed to weave together diverse strands of outreach and engagement. Location Engagement: The communication strategy leverages the influence circle of each location where the pop-up sets up. This approach ensures a targeted and localized impact, resonating with the immediate community. Broad PR Strategy: We implemented a wide-ranging PR strategy, engaging with local magazines and media outlets. This resulted in a local buzz around Florine and local media features (3 x Journal Frankfurt interviews and articles in 4 weeks). The popup reached diverse (!) audiences and quickly established the brand within the growing culinary scene in Frankfurt. Dynamic Social Media Presence: The third pillar focuses on highly active social media communication. The main principle was to use floral imagery as part of a personal and persanilzed experience of going to wonderful party and bringing flowers to the hosts. After the event you would see flowers forgotten in subway station or next to the Altglas container where last nights' empty wine bottles were deposited. This comprehensive communication framework effectively conveys Florine’s essence, reaching diverse audiences and fostering a strong brand-community bond.


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online & print media features

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