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Atmos Space Cargo
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Project overview

ATMOS SPACE CARGO, led by visionary entrepreneur Sebastian Klaus, began collaborating with Peng in 2021 during the initial phases of the company known as Klaus Space Transportation. Specializing in innovative re-entry systems for space cargo, including a groundbreaking sustainable parachute, the company aimed to redefine itself as it transitioned towards a focus on life science services in space. In 2022, anticipating growth and investor discussions, Peng was engaged to revamp the brand, resulting in the birth of ATMOS SPACE CARGO.


The challenge involved aligning various aspects of the brand with the new strategic focus: a heightened emphasis on orbital life science research. This complex endeavor included not only adjusting the visual identity with a focus on the pioneering parachute system but also introducing a new naming strategy and refining the communication approach. Our mission to this day is to guide the brand through its growth trajectory seamlessly, ensuring its adaptation to the nuanced expectations of investors and the ever-changing dynamics of the market.

Bring the spark of a new space era to life


The introduction of the name ATMOS SPACE CARGO signified the company’s expanded focus. The naming strategy and brand reshape prepared ATMOS SPACE CARGO for anticipated growth and positioned it as a leading force in the NewSpace technology sector. The branding incorporated bold colors, merging a dark „space“ tone with a bright „star“ yellow-green shade, symbolizing a powerful spark emerging from space. Agile shapes behind the text create a dynamic system, aligning with the brand’s values. Central to our efforts was not only the evolution of ATMOS SPACE CARGO’s brand identity but a dedicated focus on fortifying the impact of our communication strategy, ensuring a compelling narrative that echoes the brand’s ethos and resonates with the audience.


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Modesty and Humility

The communication strategy for ATMOS SPACE CARGO is a carefully crafted narrative that goes beyond mere messaging, aiming to establish a profound connection with its audience. Rooted in the brand’s ethos of modesty, humility, intelligence, and pragmatism, the strategy positions ATMOS SPACE CARGO not just as a technological powerhouse but as a thoughtful and responsible contributor to the NewSpace sector. The communication strategy underscores these values by recommending a personal, honest, humble, and human approach. This intentional humility humanizes the brand, making it relatable and approachable. The tone in communication conveys not just technological prowess but a genuine commitment to societal and environmental responsibility.


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