Salinas d'Es Trenc
Salinas d'Es Trenc


Salinas d'Es Trenc
Primary Sector & Tourism

Project overview

In our collaboration with Corvis Family Office, we took on the significant task of revising the brand architecture for the Salinas d’Es Trenc Family. The primary objective was to establish a distinct visual identity for Salinas d’Es Trenc, a renowned umbrella brand known for its connection to the natural and cultural heritage of Mallorca, especially the famous Salina of Flor de Sal. This brand, a symbol for tradition, quality, and natural beauty, was set to unify various business verticals under one name, including the incorporation of the planned spa.


The task was to craft an identity for Salinas d’Es Trenc that both aligns with and stands apart from the famous Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc - the naturally formed salt flowers. This required a thoughtful approach to ensure that while the brand maintains linked to its roots, it needs an independent brand identity for Salinas d’Es Trenc, that resonates with seriousness and self-sufficiency. Additionally, the brand had to be flexible enough to be used in different areas, like the planned spa and other physical venues.

Honouring heritage with an expanded brand design


In our process of redefining Salinas d’Es Trenc’s brand identity, we made strategic decisions in both color and design elements. To establish a clear connection with Flor de Sal, we retained its color palette for Salinas d’Es Trenc. This signifies the relationship between the two brands while ensuring strong brand recognition and continuity. We also introduced a blend of fonts, adding an extra layer of elegance to the brand’s identity. This typographic choice enhances the sophistication and distinctiveness of the Salinas d’Es Trenc brand.


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Flor de Sal Branding Packaging design

Innovative Icons Capturing Essence and Utility

Special attention was given to developing unique icons that represent the various sectors and functions of Salinas d’Es Trenc. These icons are not just visually appealing but are designed to be versatile for spatial use, making them ideal for application in various physical settings. Additionally, the unique shape of these icons allows for their integration into architectural elements, further embedding the brand’s identity into its physical venues. This comprehensive approach in redesigning the brand’s visual elements ensures that Salinas d’Es Trenc stands out with its own identity, while maintaining a familial connection with Flor de Sal. The integration of these design elements contributes to a cohesive and elegant brand presence, adaptable across different mediums and spaces.


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