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Taste of Now

Project overview

In 2023, our journey began in a somewhat unique collaboration. We were contacted by Jazzunique, a befriended agency in Frankfurt, to embark on a project of redefining the brand identity for „Taste of Now,“ a culinary brand also located in Frankfurt. „Taste of Now“ stands out for their unique dining experiences and ever-evolving menus, making them a beacon of culinary innovation. The main objective of this project was not just a mere redesign but a strategic move to strengthen their brand image, mirroring the vibrancy and dynamics of their culinary artistry.


The initial task was to sharpen a the brand identity for „Taste of Now“ using existing design elements. As we dove deeper into the project, it became clear that a simple refinement of the existing would not suffice. The vivid nature of their culinary approach necessitated a fresh perspective, leaving us no other choice than overhaul of their visual identity completely.

Reviving what their brand feels like


The introduction of a vivid color instantly elevated the overall liveliness of the brand’s appearance, embodying the dynamic spirit of their events. Complementing this, we implemented a photography style centered on genuine moments from the team and their culinary activities, further invigorating the brand by offering a glimpse into the true essence and emotions of „Taste of Now’s“ experiences. This cohesive blend of color and imagery successfully enhanced the brand’s vitality, making each event’s atmosphere palpable and engaging.


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Flor de Sal Branding Packaging design

Crafting Visual Stories with Dynamic Event Keywords

At the heart of our branding strategy for „Taste of Now“ lies the innovative use of event-specific keywords - a method that breathes life into each unique culinary gathering. The process of selecting the right keywords involves a thorough understanding of the events' theme, mood, and audience. This is a creative exercise that extends beyond mere labeling – it is about storytelling and creating a narrative that connects with the unique events of „Taste of Now“. To enhance this visual storytelling, the letters of each keyword are placed dynamically and freely to create a vibrant and lively optic. Hand-drawn lines serve as additional visual companions, subtly guiding the viewer’s attention and reinforcing the message. This approach not only captures the spirit of each event but also enriches the overall branding with a sense of dynamism and creativity, making „Taste of Now“ not just a culinary experience, but a visual adventure as well.


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